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SuperVenio is a hands-on boutique style consulting group with the track record helping companies establish and grow their footprint and revenues in the US! We've driven $100Ms revenues for startups and corporations, and raised significant capital through the years – around the World. We want to share this hard-earned knowledge with you, the top Nordic impact companies of today.

We get it! We follow through. We find the right VC that suits your company, team and goals. We make sure you and your material are ready for the audiences and business culture here in the US. We help you hire the right people. we are dependable and have high integrity. We work with you to avoid all the pitfalls many of us have learned ourselves!

Expanding in the US should be based on a carefully planned strategies, defining and selecting the right customers, partners and capital. We're here to guide you through all the necessary steps, using our industry and domain expertise, and “out of the box” thinking!

We care! We are here to help change your status quo with our hands-on approach, and we are good at it!

We jumpstart Your

Impact-driven Innovation

Over the past 20 years, our team has set up foreign and US companies; startups, expanded many companies' revenues and footprints across the US and world, taking them to profitability and handled acquisitions. We have a significant network and raised $10s of millions in capital, built our own companies, managed operations, built and run sales, field and success organizations, and driven supplier diversity programs with some of the biggest chip companies. We have been involved with innovations in many industries and see ourselves as conduits to the US business environment. We will help steer your company through the many pitfalls you will find along the way to success!

Armed with our earned knowledge, we spend time with you and your team creating pitch decks, training how to pitch, setup and build eco-systems and strategic partnerships, customer acquisition, grow customer success development, and more.

Impact in three dimensions

Let us know three things about your business, and we'll get you our best team for the job.


How deep does your technology go?
From nanometers to cloud applications.


What sectors do you target?
From semiconductor to gaming to industry 4.0.


What stage is your company at?
Are you just getting started, or getting ready to reinvent yourself?

We're here to help you
Grow your business, establish your brand, and further your innovation.


From deep nanometer technology processes to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge and cloud computing – to various sensor technologies in smart wearables, industrial, and harsh environments; SuperVenio has been part of some of the most innovative developments. We have helped dozens of startups from the rise of the largest chip manufacturers to artificial intelligence, ed-tech, med-tech to green-tech, gaming, and Industry 4.0.

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Our Expertise ranges from

Deep Tech to Full Service

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Semiconductors / EDA / IP

The Semiconductor industry was founded right here is Silicon Valley.

Our semiconductor industry experience covers 95% of all semiconductor companies worldwide from autonomous and AI startup through large semiconductor corporations delivering the majority of silicon such as Intel, Nvidia, TI, AMD, Toshiba, Samsung and TSMC, and new OEMs making their own chips such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to EDA (Electronic Design Automation), foundation IP, interconnect IP, microprocessors, systems on a chip (SOC), ASIC, FPGA and various services. We have been a big part of all the various semiconductor ecosystems as they and ourselves have chased Moore’s law for decades, resulting in a competitive landscape competing from 350nm all the way to our current single-digit process nodes to create smaller, faster, and cheaper chipsets.


MEMS Sensors

MEMS and sensors are at the heart of Consumer devices, IoT, IIoT, Smart Everything, Edge Computing, Automotive, Industrial and more applications these days. These sensors feed the insatiable demand for data in AI-driven solutions. With our collective decades of experience in MEMS and Sensors, we have a grounded understanding of the supply chain, and the ecosystem for sensors and associated software is complex and requires expertise that has traversed the highs and lows of these industries.

Our team has a vast network across all phases of the sensor development landscape of both fabricated components as well as printed and flexible sensors, to quickly put together solutions that meet the demands of end to end system solutions.


Edge-PC & IoT

We started in 2011 working on Machine Learning and have evolved into Artificial Intelligence.

We started in 2011, working on Machine Learning and have evolved into Artificial Intelligence and Edge-Computing from large-scale chip development to large plastics companies, from IoT to EMS, 3D-MID, SMT, and a variety of other manufacturing production lines. The move from on-premise to the cloud, opening security concerns and launched hybrid to on-premise and now edge-computing have opened the doors to new opportunities for the right players, and we can help.

With the incredibly large amounts of IoT and IIoT devices at the edge, generating massive amounts of data that needs to be computed in data centers and leaves the majority of data ignored, pushing the industries to focus on edge computing. Along with the edge and the 5G movement, aggressive push from the many different industries, the doors are open to those with smart technologies that can enable instant decisions to optimize flows and processes, and we are in the middle of it with over 20 years of experience and can guide you and your team.


Software Services

The top-layer of all products today has some portion of software packaged as a service.

Everything that still hasn't been replaced by a device or an app is a technology waiting to become obsolete. With this comes new opportunities for new business models that leverage the fundamental underlying technologies that weave seamlessly together with an elegant, user-centered, neatly packaged service.

Whether you offer an app, embedded software, artificial intelligence and machine learning, semiconductor development, automotive SOCs, radar, infotainment, or simply a website, chatbot, or various interfaces and APIs, there are great values created, and we help you develop and monetize your solutions.

We work with trusted suppliers of everything from banking software to airline management systems and everything in between. Together with you, we will build the perfect experience on top of your products, which your customers will love.


The Semiconductor industry was founded right here is Silicon Valley!



MEMS and Sensors drive devices everywhere!



We started in 2011 working on Machine Learning and have evolved into Artificial Intelligence …



The top-layer of all products today is some sort of software packaged as a service.



Our team has worked in such diverse markets as educational gaming, the automotive industry, and smart munacfuting. Being able to combine the knowledge from each sector allows our teams to work with a wide range of expertise – while keeping a deep industry knowdlge.

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Our focus spans

Wellness to Industry

Photo by Kyle Kranz on Unsplash

Health & Wellness

Our goal is to make it easier for the public to attain healthy eating, active living and provide natural and safe solutions ad therefore look for companies that shares this philosophy.

We have covered many technological developments from sensors, to building new brands that makes our lives better and enables everyone to feel better and gain more confidence.

We have been part of some of the biggest innovation platforms, built companies organically before the big movement in this sector and have been on the forefront of the many developments that we today take for granted.


Gaming, Education, and Entertainment

Gaming has always been around and it is changing!
Adults, children, men, and women we are all playing games, from local apps to large platforms.

An increasingly large sector, at 25% of the world’s population playing games, the TAM is large. Games and entertainment are now fully immersed in each other. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, etc. all have gaming platforms as part of their service.

From Microsoft Xbox to Sony PlayStation and Nintendo to the world’s largest gaming company Tencent of China, startups are a major reason to the evolution of these conglomerate’s market share. On the latest stage major technology companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook have joined the gaming as the enormous number of subscribers have easy access through each platform’s ecosystems.

Virtual reality game platforms such as Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s HoloLens are among the leading mixed reality headsets, whether VR or AR or MR are not only used in gaming but in education, medical, manufacturing, and maintenance across the globe and expanding daily!


Green Tech

We are uncovering the latest technologies benefiting our planet and its people to live with cleaner water and air.

From smart buildings to smart cities, from device manufacturing to implementation, we are well versed in both the technologies and the eco-systems.

One of the basic goals of today’s rapidly evolving green technologies is carbon emission reduction.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Automotive & Industry 4.0

Some of the fastest moving industries around – evolving in great symbiosis.

The advances in industrial machines and robots allow for even more innovative solutions to be applied in the fast accelerating automotive industry.

From 3D injectionmolding to 3D mechanically integrated devices, the machines making machines are becoming ever more capable. Applying those technologies to existing solutions can greatly increase the functionality, while significantly dropping the cost – creating a perfect solution to some old problems.

PCBs? We don't need PCBs where we're going!

Health & Wellness

Body, mind, and soul is the most important trifecta to look after


EdTech & Gaming

Gaming has always been around and it is changing, from ed- and med-tech to social games


Green Technology

Wind, solar, smart grid and cities. Healthier and smarter living is the way forward


Automotive & Industry 4.0

The most innovative technologies applied to the machines the build the next generation



Companies come in all shapes and sizes. We've been there; from the 24-hour hackathon team coming up with a business idea, to a budding multimillion dollar startup with global potential, to giant Fortune 500 corporations. Having walked the walk and talked the talk – we're ready to jump in anywhere along the curve.

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All stages of the Life Cycle

We are with you through
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


We all know the Eddison quote about inspiration and perspiration. And it's certainly true! But what does that perspiration really mean? How to you tackle obstacle after obstacle, while building the bridge, solving a soduku, and soldering a prototype?

Going the distance is never going to be easy – but going it with a great Sherpa makes it seem possible. you still have to take your own steps, but having someone to lean on, and show the way makes the world of a difference.

We know how it feels, and we'd love to go in the trenches along side you!



You've made it through the formative years – great! Congratulations on your success.

But things are changing now. This is when the company shifts gear from tinkerers and hackers to established organisation that's taking over the World.

This requires management and skills to build the right teams at the right time. Or it may require an interim team to help pull the reins while you regroup and find yourself in this new identity.

Whatever the case, we're here to help you grow.

Photo by Marvin L on Unsplash


You're running a welloiled machine now. Customers are happy, the product is selling, working, and solving a real problem.

Now is the time to ripen the business and begin positioning for the long haul. The first five years were a marathon of sprints – now is the time for the really big picture.

What does the future hold? A merger? Aquire a competitor? Sell the company?

We'll go the distance with you – and help you make the path clear.



The company has been running maybe 10 or more years. The top of the S-curve has long shown its face, and it's time to start thinking in new directions!

Your team needs new methods to work, innovation is bubbling right underneath the surface, but the breakthrough that will take you into the next decade is illusive and slippery.

We're here to help navigate the innovation process, grow the knowledge from within and open up to outside innovation. And we'll drive it home with you.


Are you launching your startup and need expertise. We can help you raise capital, accelerate and get to market?



Is it time to grow your startup and need experienced help raising additional capital, scaling and accelerate revenues?



Getting ready for the next five years in the life of your company. The first mountaintop has been reached – where to next?



You've gone through all the Himalayan peaks, and you're saturated. Where do you go from here?

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